Backover Car Accident Lawsuit Attorneys

A backover accident occurs when a vehicle reverses over a person. These common accidents can occur whether the victim is on foot or bicycle, and are most likely to happen in driveways or parking lots. Children and adults have both fallen victim to backover accidents, and although these accidents often occur at low speeds, they can cause severe injury, or fatality. Victims of these types of accidents are encouraged to contact an attorney to learn about their rights.

The South Florida car  accident attorneys with Zimmerman & Frachtman have experience with backover accidents, and the long-term problems they can create for their victims, and the families of those victims. With experience in handling injury, and wrongful death claims, these experienced attorneys will be able to represent you with confidence. They understand that with the victim’s physical injuries, there will also be emotional damage, especially in the event that the driver was close to the victim and/or family. Regardless of the circumstances, each case will be handled with the utmost sensitivity.

While these accidents have been occurring for years, they have just recently started being tracked closely to create statistics. Crashes that occurred anywhere other than a road were not recorded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration until 2009. However, once they began recording such accidents, they were able to accumulate more accurate data about them. For example, off-road backovers, which are defined as locations that are not public roads, like driveways and parking lots, cause 221 fatalities and 14,000 injuries per year. Sixty-six percent of all backovers are off-road, and are responsible for 40% of all fatalities caused by backover accidents. Public road backovers are far less likely, causing 71 fatalities and 4,000 injuries per year.

Anybody can be the victim of a backover accident, but the most common victims are the elderly and children. More than one third of the 292 yearly fatalities are children under the age of five and one fourth are elderly, over the age of 69. Together they account for a third of all backover accident fatalities.

Victims of these accidents not only need but deserve to have peace of mind knowing they have chosen an attorney that is dedicated to representing them in getting them the compensation they deserve. Call us today to arrange for a free consultation to discuss your options after being a victim of  a backover accident.


zimmerman fractman - south florida accident and personal injury attorneysOur attorneys will also help you understand and navigate the details of insurance policy, Personal Injury Protection (PIP), Property Damage (PD), and the issues that occur with uninsured or under-insured motorists who do not have sufficient coverage. Don’t work with just any auto accident attorney; your injuries and the damage to your property deserve fair compensation, and you should only work with a car accident lawyer who you feel comfortable with, and who can give you the full scope of possibilities for your case, so that you know what to expect.

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