Personal Watercraft Accidents

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While the official definition of a personal watercraft (PWC) varies from state to state, they are generally referred to as a vessel which uses an inboard motor powering a water jet pump as its primary source of power, and which is designed to be operated by a person sitting, standing, or kneeling on the vessel rather than the conventional manner of sitting or standing in the vessel. Manufacturers estimate that approximately 200,000 PWCs are sold each year and there are more than one million currently in operation in the United States alone. Because so many PWCs—in particular, Jet Skis—are bought every year, there are also a large number of injuries and accidents associated with the products—which means that there is a higher demand for a Jet Ski accident lawyer.

PWC usage and popularity has dramatically increased in recent years due to being a fun way to play on Florida’s and the U.S.’s lakes, rivers, and oceans; but too often, the fun turns to tragedy (traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, wrongful death). Although the overall number of recreational boating fatalities has been on the decline in recent years, the number of personal watercraft related fatalities continues to increase. PWCs are the only type of recreational vessel for which the leading cause of fatalities is not drowning. In fatalities, more persons die from blunt force trauma than from drowning. The law provides for victims of Jet Ski accidents who are injured to seek compensation for any damages that result from the negligent or careless actions of another, under personal injury statutes. In order to have the best chances at receiving your compensation, you should work with an experienced Jet Ski accident lawyer you feel you can trust.


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Some of the safety concerns associated with personal watercraft death and injuries include:

  • Counter-intuitive operating characteristics of personal watercraft (off-throttle steering)
  • Lack of appropriate operator training
  • Improper and inadequate warnings
  • Orifice injures from water jet

Personal watercraft injury attorney – Defending the injured

The boating accident attorneys at Zimmerman & Frachtman, a South Florida law firm, have successfully prosecuted claims against manufacturers of personal watercraft for various defects. One of the firm’s defective personal watercraft trials was featured on the Court TV network. The firm has gone to trial four times against manufacturers of defective personal watercraft, including against Bombardier (Sea Doo) and Yamaha (Wave Runner). While every case is different, and there is no way to guarantee an outcome, it’s a good idea to know the success rate of any Jet Ski accident attorney you decide to work with. In order to be comfortable in working with a Personal watercraft injury lawyer, you should interview your prospective attorney before making a decision, and find out what their thoughts are on your case. You should also ask after previous cases they’ve worked on in the particular part of personal injury law that covers Jet Ski accidents and personal watercraft accidents.

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We understand that when you are recovering from an injury or helping a loved one to recover, you are going through a great deal of stress, and likely pain as well; while some attorneys will treat all personal injury cases as more or less the same, we take great pride in according individual attention to each case that we work on. We will dedicate the resources of our expert witnesses, our own knowledge of personal injury statutes, and years of experience in working on these cases, to make sure that you are getting the best possible representation. We have the experience and the dedication to see your case through to settlement or trial verdict.

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