Boating Accident / Personal Watercraft – Settlement of $250,000c

“Boating/ personal watercraft accident which occurred on February 19, 2012 while operating a Sea Doo personal watercraft in Riviera Beach, Florida.
Plaintiff claims the Defendant was negligent in not properly servicing the Sea Doo, causing the Plaintiff to crash.

I got on the Seadoo at the dock. I had my life vest on. Paul pushed me off into the water. I was floating in the Seadoo and turned it on. The Seadoo was idling and not doing anything at all. I tapped on the throttle just a little bit to move out of the area, as there were boats in the water, and it took off. The Seadoo lunged forward about 30 yards. I saw 70 mph on the speedometer. I had to pull the lanyard because there was a concrete wall on the left, boats on the right and moored boats in the middle. I had to steer to the right to clear them but then straight ahead there were more boats. If I had not turned, I would have hit something. When I turned right, I was thrown to the left. When I pulled the lanyard, I was thrown forward and ejected. My foot was the last thing that came out of the boat and hit the side of the Seadoo on the way out, snapping my ankle.”