Accident Involving an 18-Wheeler Truck in Florida

Semi drivers cause many accidents every year. In fact, they are responsible for 150,000 personal injury accidents in the US every year. A report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) finds that 5,000 more accidents result in death, every year. 18-wheeler trucks are a formidable presence on the US roadways. This is a danger that every driver must be aware of while driving on any road.

There are areas around a semi known as “No Zones”; this is the area where a semi driver is not able to see. Semis are large. Because of their size there are many, large blind spots. The two-second rule, staying two seconds behind the vehicle in front, helps to insure the driver can see you. This is one way to share the road safely with a semi-truck. If a driver cannot see the 18-wheelers side mirrors, the driver cannot see them.
Semi-Truck Facts

Carelessness is the number one cause of semi accidents. Reckless driving causes many accidents involving an 18-wheeler. Driving recklessly and not paying attention to surroundings is dangerous on any road at any time. When sharing the road with semi-trucks, other drivers must be alert to the elevated danger and adjust their driving. Here are some things to think about when sharing the road with semis:

Knowing these facts, drivers should adjust their driving and be aware of where they are and where the semi is when sharing the road. Accidents with 18-wheelers can result in catastrophic injury or death. One wrong move on the part of either driver can cause an accident. Anyone involved in an accident with a semi should seek the advice of an experienced attorney.

Laws for 18-Wheelers

The FMCSA oversees regulations for driving semis in the United States. Truck drivers have rules they are to abide by when driving their rigs. The regulations for semi-truck drivers change as the FMCSA sees a need. Their goal is to keep all drivers safe when sharing the road. Truck drivers must attend training to learn all of the regulations. A truck accident attorney will investigate whether the truck driver involved in an accident has met all the requirements.