Hemiplegia is a type of weakness, rigid movement, or paralysis that occurs on only one side of the body. It may affect an individual’s speech, balance, use of their hand, and field of vision. Hemiplegia can be caused by a variety of sources, but it generally occurs due to cerebral palsy, perinatal strokes, traumatic brain injury, and stroke- all of which may damage the brain via disrupted blood flow.

Just as there are a variety of causes of hemiplegia, there are also several types of it. These include:

Hemiplegia can have a severely negative impact on an individual’s life, oftentimes changing it forever. Individuals who were once highly independent may struggle to accept their new condition and the factors it introduces, including:

Hemiplegia may lead to severe medical bills and a major loss of income to the injured individual’s family. Managing the condition may require special equipment, medical supplies, and personnel to manage its symptoms- all of which may be quite expensive.

Finding out that you or a loved one has hemiplegia is obviously a very stressful and emotional time, especially if it is caused by malpractice, recklessness, or unnecessary trauma to the brain and spinal cord and could have been prevented. Zimmerman & Frachtman can compassionately guide you through the legal process to get the compensation that you deserve- compensation that may help to cover medical bills, lost income, and important equipment for managing your condition. You don’t have to deal with this alone. Call today for a free consultation.