Injured While Visiting a Walmart Location in Florida?  Speak With an Attorney – Learn Your Options.

slip and fallIts size and the many services it provides explains the popularity of the Walmart retail chain. The heavy patronage of Walmart, combined with the fact that many of its outlets in Florida are open 24 hours a day, also increases the risk of accidents occurring on the premises of any given store. Although Walmart is responsible for maintaining its stores so that conditions are always safe, accidents can still happen, and those injured while at Walmart can rely on a personal injury attorney to understand their rights.

One of the most common accidents that take place at warehouse-type stores involves someone slipping on a floor covered by a liquid or food substance. In other cases, merchandise stacked on shelves or on display racks may fall onto someone. The injuries sustained in falls or from falling objects may range from back and neck problems to broken bones. However, those who are injured in such accidents should not assume that they are automatically entitled to monetary damages under Florida law.

Personal Injury Cases at Large Retail Stores

In order to increase the likelihood of winning a personal injury case against a large retail store, it will first be necessary to prove that the company either failed to correct a known hazard or failed to warn customers that a hazard existed. In the event of an accident, Walmart employees will usually investigate the scene and interview the customer, often asking that person to sign an incident report. The customer is usually not provided with a copy of the report. Company employees may in some cases request an ambulance on behalf of the customer. The refusal of the customer to accept such assistance may give support to the store that the injury was not serious, which can in turn affects any subsequent legal proceedings. This is why customers involved in serious accidents should consider an evaluation by medical personnel to confirm the nature of their injuries.

One of the most important sources of evidence in an accident is videotape taken by surveillance cameras; the presence of which is common at many retail stores. A videotape can show the accident and possibly even the precipitating event or condition. A store will be asked to preserve videotapes after an accident because of their legal value.
Walmart is the world’s largest retailer, with some 8,500 outlets in 15 countries. However, its massive size does not give it immunity from legal action by customers who are injured while shopping at one of its stores and who may be entitled to monetary compensation.

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