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The safety of guests at any amusement park in Florida is one of the most important priorities for an establishment. Each year, there are over 300 million people who will visit an amusement park. There is a variety of fantastic entertainment, exciting rides, and fun provided by amusement parks.

Guests should enjoy the element of surprise from their rides and not from injury which occurs.

Careless actions carried out by the employees or owners of an amusement park require safety measures at all times. If this does not occur, then guests have the potential to get hurt.

There are many negligence issues that can occur which could contribute to injury such as:

Theme Park Maintenance & Safety

There are many theme parks that are found in many cities in Florida, especially in Orlando. These parks are required to have routine maintenance and safety checks. Employees need to be highly trained to operate various types of rides. However, accidents can still occur with every safety precaution in place. For example, accidents at an extreme height are typically more dangerous and have a higher likelihood of malfunctioning.

Other accidents may occur in local areas. This often includes fairs at a state or county level. The reason is smaller venues do not require the same level of safety measures as those found at larger establishments. Various rides and stations are often constructed and torn down many times as the structures are not permanent.

Structures that are not permanent like the ones at carnivals and fairs are constructed on-site, meaning any missing screw or bolt could lead to an injury that is catastrophic. Make sure to seek your legal options in the event any type of injury occurs.

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