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slip and fallTarget is currently one of the biggest of the big box stores in the nation. They incorporate several different departments in their stores, ranging from clothing, automotive supplies and services, to groceries. The sheer size of the stores allows them to operate coffee shops, optical centers, and even portrait studios. Due to the huge size of the store, it is possible for a customer to easily become injured around the numerous areas of the building and want to seek retribution from Target due to their injuries. If you have suffered an injury in a Target store, call the personal injury attorneys at Zimmerman & Frachtman as soon as you can.

One of the reasons it can be extremely challenging for you to win an accident case against Target is because they are well prepared to fight the case. While it might seem like the stores are too big for employees to possibly be everywhere, Target currently has a state-of-the-art security system that rivals to best in the country. Every single inch of the store is under constant surveillance. This means if you were to suffer an injury at Target, it is on tape and the video will tell the whole story. If you simply slipped due to your own negligence and suffered an injury, chances are Target is not going to be paying any of your bills because they will be able to back up the claim they did nothing wrong.

That being said, there are many instances where the staff at Target did not respond to a spill in a timely manner and that caused you to slip and hit your head, for instance. The lawyers at Zimmerman & Frachtman understand that after an injury there is only a certain amount of time left before that tape can disappear forever. The tape is the only thing that will provide a judge and jury a clear understanding of exactly what happened and who is responsible.

If you are going to win a claim against Target, you must prove your case as to who was responsible for the accident. The legal professionals at Zimmerman & Frachtman will get a copy of all surveillance videos as quickly as possible to ensure they are protected and used for the building of your case. Once the video has been observed and it is clear Target is responsible, you need an expert in your corner who will fight to get you all the compensation you are entitled to. This ranges from pain and suffering, loss of wages, medical bills, medication reimbursement, physical therapy, and a home nurse if needed.

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