Involved in an Incident Potentially Because of Negligent Security?  We May be Able to Help.

In terms of the subject of negligent and inadequate security, it is important for all business owners and those who own land to realize and come to grasp the idea that they are required to provide a safe premises for customers, guests, and leasers to visit. This safety also includes the duty to protect such individuals from harm that may be caused by other third parties who commit criminal acts against them, especially when those crimes can be prevented.

Foreseeable means that one can expect them to occur under certain situations. Overall, the job of inadequate security law professionals is to help patrons to hold the business owners of such land and property accountable for negligible acts of security, such as when one becomes the unfortunate victim of a criminal act that was committed on the property. Unfortunately, this act happens all too often.

Again, a failure on the part of business and property owners to adequately secure their property may results in criminal acts against patrons such as rape, a violent act, or even death of innocent bystanders. The negligent security law professionals at Zimmerman & Frachtman work hand in hand with other professionals such a law enforcement, private investigation companies, as well as security businesses to help heighten the compensation victims receive for the harm they incurred.

Examples of business and property owners providing adequate security precautions might include recruiting a security guard, putting up cameras, lights, and other means to ward of criminals, etc. Such items such as ATM machines and other devices are referred to as crime magnets and can thus attract more crime than in other locations. There are also industry standards that should be followed as well as protocols for such machines if they are used on a business site.

Overall, the cases of negligent security are successfully taken to court by negligent security law professionals on a regular basis. The lawyers at Zimmerman & Frachtman have had a high success rate in litigating such cases of inadequate security, helping to give victims the compensation that they deserve.

If you or someone that you know of may be suspect to being a victim of a negligent security act, please contact Zimmerman & Frachtman in order to receive more information on how you can be compensated.