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A medication by the name Xarelto (rivaroxaban) which helps in prevention blood clotting in stroke patients who have atrial fibrillation has in the recent past been approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The big question around its use arises in its effectiveness and safety because it lacks rapid reversal agents in the event of side effects. The fatal part is that it is extremely difficult for medical practitioners to stop a bleeding which is associated with its use.

Zimmerman & Frachtman is here to help you if you have had serious medical problems after taking Xarelto. This medication has caused many patients to have issue with excess blood. It is often found in the urine, and patients begin coughing/ vomiting up blood too. If these symptoms occur, then it recommended that you seek medical treatment right away. Other serious side effects include: black stools, nose bleeds, bleeding gums, swollen arms or legs. Thus, it is very important that you seek the medical attention you need. However, patients should also call Zimmerman & Frachtman to seek compensation from their trauma. 

How You Can Get Help

You can reach litigation services of those who are currently taking up cases of injuries which have been induced by this medication. If you or a person known to you has faced the dangers of this drug, you can access lawyers for a free consultation of your case. See below some of the studies and cases of people who perished as a result of uncontrollable brain bleeding.

Approving of Xarelto was aimed at helping over 2 million US citizens, hoping that it would help them avert stroke which is caused by blood clotting in brain blood vessels.

In the Xarelto clinical trial, 14, 000 patients were used in evaluation of the drug and comparisons were made to establish if it was a better drug to use. It proved to give advanced results but on the other hand, it had a broad side effect of bleeding.

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Anyone who has suffered complications from the drug Xarelto might be eligible to financial remuneration. The drug has caused plenty of people to lose their life due to problems like internal bleeding, pulmonary embolism, and even deep vein thrombosis. Thus, you need to make a stand and get the help you deserve. Patients rely on drug administrators to make safe and effective drugs. Nobody wants to suffer additional problems when taking something that should be helping them. Thus, you need to contact Zimmerman & Frachtman to get the help you need now. 

The size of the market that needs a good blood-thinning medication seems to be fueling the rise of medications which can result into dangerous incidents. Warfarin has been the drug that has dominated the market for a long time and replacements are competing to take its market. With over 2 million Americans and 4 million Europeans living in need of such a medication, this competition might give people what they least expected if the necessary measures are not taken.

Class Action Lawsuit With a Xarelto Law Firm

Individuals have teamed up and hired personal legal representation in matters pertaining Xarelto use and fatal accidents. This is what is referred to as Class Action Lawsuit. Some individuals will work with smaller law firms that have the same ferocity and tenacity as firms with hundreds of lawyers.  If you want to know your options, please call the offices of Zimmerman & Frachtman today to speak with a lawyer.  We are taking Xarelto cases in Florida and all over the United States.