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According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), 713 million passengers flew on U.S. airlines in 2010. In terms of accidents, general aviation has more fatalities per flight hours than any other type of flying. General aviation is all civilian flying except scheduled passenger airline service. This can include overnight package delivery, emergency medical evacuation, crop dusters, and news media traffic reporting. While plane crashes (1 in 11 million) and serious in-flight injuries from airplane mishaps are rare, they do happen. Whether a mid-air collision, a runway incursion, turbulence, or falling luggage, passengers can suffer minor to severe injuries (burns, broken bones, head injuries) and sometimes death.

All aviation accidents are investigated by state and federal authorities. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) typically issues a report identifying the cause or causes of the plane crash. While there is no single primary cause of aviation accidents or injuries, some common causes may include:

Aviation accidents can involve multiple state, federal, and even international agencies. They may also involve representatives from the aircraft manufacturer, the airline carrier, component part suppliers, and insurance agencies. Due to the complexity and difficulty of proving aviation cases, it is recommend that you work with an experienced aviation attorney.

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