When a family decides to put an elderly family member into a nursing home, they are doing this with the idea that the person they are admitting is going to get the highest care possible. Families are under the impression that the staff is going to look after the family member and their best interests. A major part of the nursing home procedure is a headcount to make sure no one is missing, and to keep an eye on the location of each patient.

In a nursing home, if a resident is left unattended or alone, they can get into things they should not, as well as go into places that they are not allowed. If a resident is left unattended they could even wander out the doors of the facility, with intent on going home.

Some patients in wheel chairs or walking aids are capable of leaving the nursing home, and potentially not returning if they are not found. If a resident leaves the nursing home, they are liable to have injuries, dehydration, stress, complications from stoke or seizure. These things are possible if someone is not doing their job and keeping a close watch on the residents.

Being understaffed is one of the largest dangers that patients can face in a nursing home. In several nursing homes they employ just the state required amount of staff. In certain situations there are not enough employees to meet the needs of all the residents. Some facilities could have enough staff, but in some cases they are not trained properly, or they do not know how to do the job they are hired to do.

Being in a nursing facility means that the resident is probably not capable of being left alone for an extended period of time. The staff at a nursing facility needs to monitor the residents at all times. Residents cannot be left alone to eat, sleep, bathe, take medicine, using the restroom facilities, they must even be monitored white they are relaxing in a recreation room. At a nursing facility some staff will have to provide certain residents with basic daily needs such as, dressing, feeding, and manually taking them to the restroom. Some nursing facilities are supposed to make patients wear a monitor so they are always aware of the location of that resident. Nursing facilities need to be secured with security cameras, and working alarms.

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