Motorcycles are a popular method of transportation in the state of Florida. Not only do many state residents ride on a regular basis, but many motorcycle enthusiasts migrate to Florida for the winter, while many others bring their bikes on vacation year round. This means that Florida highways are always abundant in motorcycle traffic. And, it also means that accidents involving motorcyclists also much too common. While only 3% of Florida residents own and operate bikes regularly, motorcycle operators are actually involved in over 10%.

Legal Compliance for Helmets

Because of state statistics and the potential for serious injury from a motorcycle accident, it is vital for a bike owner to comply with Florida law regarding motorcycles. There is a helmet law in Florida, but it is not as restrictive as in some other states. While operators under 18 years of age are always required to wear headgear, those over 18 years of age must maintain at least $10,000 of motorcycle injury insurance to operate a motorcycle without wearing a helmet. In fact, with the potential for serious head injury being what it is, wearing a helmet is always a good safety decision regardless of riding experience or age.

Legal Compliance for Handlebars

Just as many motorcycle operators prefer riding with no helmet, many riders also choose bikes with high-rise handlebars. In Florida, the bikes must also comply with the handlebar laws, as no bike with handlebars above the shoulders are allowed. This includes both the owners or other riders, so some individuals can be illegal while riding when others may not. In addition, bikers are required to engage the bike headlight while riding, and failure to do so can be a part of a riders comparative negligence percentage when involved in an accident. However, this condition is not automatically a component of fault.

The truth about motorcycle riding is that, even though a rider has extensive experience and complies with all riding rules, motorists driving vehicles are not always aware of bikes on the highway until it is much too late. Because of potential complications in motorcycle accident injury cases, it is always important for a biker who is injured in an accident to have experienced and effective legal counsel who is understands the legal problems associated with bike accidents.