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Have you or a loved one suffered harm from a medical misdiagnosis? It has become a common problem that is largely attributed to doctors overworking and not providing proper care. In fact, experts agree that doctors misdiagnose the fatal illnesses in their patients about 20 percent of the time. Additionally, it isn’t just grave illnesses that are the problem. Many simple conditions are also often misdiagnosed, allowing illnesses to grow into a chronic and potentially fatal disease. Both misdiagnosis and failure to diagnose an illness are the two most common types of medical malpractice cases.

Several factors play a role in misdiagnosis. Below is a list of these factors:

– Failure to listen effectively to a patient’s complaints.
– Failure to conduct thorough examinations, understanding all symptoms being reported.
– Failure to understand full medical history and requesting the correct medical history.
– Failure to diagnose the sub-type of a properly diagnosed disease, leading to other problems.
– Failure to recognize underlying problem, searching for other impertinent problems.
– Failure to treat the most serious aspect of a disease as a priority.
– Failure to assess signs of distress during labor and delivery.
– Failure to diagnose associated complications of an illness.
– Failure to order proper testing and examination.
– Misinterpreting test results and data.
– Error in judgment, lack of medical knowledge and failure in memory.
– Lack of proper communication with patients and medical staff.

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When doctors or health care providers fail to deliver proper medical care, patients suffer unnecessarily. The result of poor medical treatment is often prolonged pain, discomfort, disability or even death. Many illnesses can turn fatal if left untreated and doctors need to be held responsible for their improper care.

The Zimmerman & Frachtman law firm of attorneys that handle medical malpractice that is dedicated to pursing justice for medical negligence and believes doctors should be held responsible for their mistakes, which can result in the loss of a life. At Zimmerman & Frachtman, the client always comes first. The primary goal of the firm is to offer its clients retribution for the pain and loss of medical negligence that could have easily been avoided had the doctor provided the proper care for their patient.