Steps After a Dog Bite

Injured By a Dog or Another Animal?  Here Are the Next Steps You Can Follow.

Getting bit by a dog can be a traumatizing experience, and unless you hurry by disinfecting your wound and/or getting shots immediately after, there are chances you could end up with some health complications. Open wounds are one thing, but getting bit by a dog can be a whole other experience. Dogs carry a huge amount of germs in their saliva, and while their mouths sanitize naturally, the germs all around their face is enough to get their bite to infect you. When getting bit by a dog, the first thing you want to do is check how deep the wound is, and if the amount of bleeding won’t stop. Don’t hesitate going to an emergency room or local clinic in many of these situations.

Not all dog injuries are contagious, but being too careful is never a bad idea. If the wound is barely a flesh wound, applying anti-infection ointment should be put all over the wound followed with a towel that should be pressured over the wound to stop all the bleeding. If the bite is on your arm or leg, keep it raised in the air while you apply the necessary bandage.

The second step to do when getting bit by a dog is filing a report to animal control, or even the police. Tracking the dog down should be a priority to save other individuals from suffering from any injuries due to a wild animal. If the dog that bit you is found with an owner, be sure to get all the information about the history of the dog to check for previous ill-mannered behavior, whether it has all its shots, and the duration between vaccinations. Not all people have the same strength immune systems, and some people can get really sick when suffering from any kind of injury. It can be critically important for anyone bit by a dog to hire a lawyer if any medical conditions arise following the dog bite incident.

Some dog bites are so deep that they may end up damaging human nerves, muscles, and tendons. Make sure the doctor makes a full checkup of all the muscles, nerves, and tendons in the area, and document all your doctor’s visits for evidence.

Most patients that get bit by a dog must take antibiotics for a short period of time, just to make sure no infections take place. Getting bit by someone else’s dog is, in some situations, a very serious claim lawsuit, and judges don’t take negligent dog owners lightly. Rest assured that if you did not provoke the dog to attack you, and were not in the process of trespassing anywhere, your could have a case, and pursuing your compensation is your right.