Anoxic Brain Injury Attorney

Anoxic Brain Injury Attorneys

Do you suspect you or your loved one has suffered an anoxic brain injury caused by the negligence or improper practices of their care givers? Contact Zimmerman & Frachtman. Their experienced anoxic brain injury attorneys can get you the compensation you or your loved one deserves. Zimmerman & Frachtman offers free consultations to help you look at the facts and help you determine if you have a case. With offices nationwide, there is sure to be one near you.

If you or your loved one has problems following a sequence of commands, visual disturbances, incoordination, abnormal movements, weakness in the four extremities, or thinking problems, hypoxic-ischemic injury may be the cause. Most people who suffer with Ischemic anoxia had an anesthesia accident, cardiovascular disease, or Asphyxia caused by near drowning incidents. Others may develop the condition because of barbiturate poisoning, chest trauma, electrocution, or severe bronchial asthma.

Anemic anoxia, ischemic anoxia, and anoxic anoxia are the three most common forms of hypoxic-ischemic injury. A hypoxic event is when the brain does not get as much oxygen as it needs. An anoxic event occurs when the brain receives no oxygen at all. They can be caused when the brain doesn’t get sufficient blood, there isn’t enough cerebral blood flow, or there isn’t enough oxygen in the air the body absorbs. Hemorrhaging from gunshot wounds, ischemic stroke, and high altitude sickness are other common causes.

Oxygen is needed metabolize the glucose required to give all living cells the energy they need. The brain uses 90% of its energy to maintain its neurons ability to send out electrochemical impulses. Any episode of oxygen deprivation can lead to impairments in movement, emotions, and thinking. There are few direct forms of treatment for anoxia. Barbiturates given within 3 days of the brain injury showed promise in some studies. However, it can take months or even years of treatment from a neuropsychologist, speech therapist, and a physical therapist for patients to be rehabilitated.

If you or someone you love feels they’ve been the victim of improper or negligent medical care that resulted in a diagnosis of Anoxic Brain Injury, give Zimmerman & Frachtman a call.