Beauty Salon Injuries

Nail salons are almost everywhere. If not properly sanitized and cleaned, patrons will contract infections and other communicable diseases including sexually transmitted diseases, MRSA, viral infections or fungi just to name a few. Clients of nail salons have protections under the law to protect them against dirty nail salons


Nail Salon Infections – Common Signs and Symptoms

Several things may alert a patron of a nail salon of a problem. Typical signs include:

In severe cases of exposure to viral, fungal or bacterial infections can result in amputation. Pay careful attention to any sign that may point to any of these

There are Cases of Negligent Nail Solon Workers causing infections:

Nail salon technicians are liable for keeping their salon clean and germ free. Often, due to bad employee practice and carelessness, nail salons pass fungi and infections from client to client by not using proper sanitation procedures of manicure instruments.

Nail technicians should be aware of any existing condition of the patron. They should take extra precautions if an open wound is visible, or refuse to service. A well-trained nail technician will know the proper procedure and ask the patron the correct questions.

Filing a Beauty Salon Injury Lawsuit

Infection or injury resulting due to negligent nail technicians does point to a personal injury lawsuit. Most states require training and certification of nail salon technicians. Each state may have different requirements. It is recommended to consult an attorney in your state if you think you have a case against a nail salon.

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There are statute of limitations for filing a suit against a nail salon. This means that you must file a personal injury within a certain amount of time. Failure to file in the appropriate period will nullify any claim. Each state will have different rules as to the limitations of time to file. As with any lawsuit, timing is everything. Filing a claim against a negligent nail salon must be filed as soon as the patron has signs of injury due to nail salon neglect.