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Sooner or later, that teenager in the family is going to get behind the wheel of the family car or their own car and go for a drive. Parent’s often cringe at the thought of their teen behind the wheel of a car. Why? Well, parents are well aware that teens and automobiles are a dangerous combination. In fact, the leading cause of death among teens in the United States is automobile accidents.

Teens are still at that growing stage.  Teens sometimes lack good judgment when it comes to driving. Statistics show they often exhibit a blatant disregard for traffic laws clearly outlined by the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration of NHSTA. More driver education is clearly required to make sure that teens understand the laws and safe driving.

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Teenager Having Driving Lesson

Teen Driving Accident Causes

Teens and cars are a dangerous combination. According to statistics, these are the leading causes behind most teen driver accidents.

Distracted Driving

texting and drivingDistracted Driving is one of the main causes of automobile accidents on the roadways today. As the proliferance of cell phone use in society has grown, so has an increase in the amount of accidents caused by distracted drivers using their cellphones. In a recent 2012 study by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 3,328 people were killed in a car accident involving a distracted driver. While 421,000 were injured in an auto accident caused by distracted driving. These statistics are even higher when they involve teen drivers. Teen drivers are especially at risk when driving and talking on their cellphones as they have less experience behind the wheel and are generally more likely to take risky driving maneuvers. Add a cell phone distraction to this scenario, and it’s no doubt that an auto accident is waiting to happen.

Cell phones cause impaired driving in teenagers in three main ways:

  1. Visual distraction – teens taking their eyes off the road
  2. Manual distraction – teens taking their hands off the wheel
  3. Cognitive distraction – teens taking their minds off the task at hand: driving

Teen Driving Statistics:

Check out more statistics on our Teen Driving Statistics page.

How Does Speeding Effect the Teenage Driver?

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), “motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for U.S. teens.” Speeding for a teenage driver carries additional consequences. Especially since teenage drivers carry the highest statistics regarding accident risk. For example, in 2011, nearly 2,700 U.S. teenagers were killed and almost 292,000 were injured in car accidents. That equates to 7 U.S. teenagers die every day from car accident injuries. Additionally, in term of economic cost, teenage drivers cost $26 billion in car accident injuries across the U.S.

New Teenage Licensing Laws

Crash studies from a 2012 Insurance Institute for Highway Safety showed clear evidence that teenagers also tend to speed at night and when friends are passengers in their vehicles. This has lead to Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) state laws that put restrictions on teenagers driving at night and limiting passengers. While law enforcement in some states can monitor teenagers speeding and passengers, parents hold the key to safe teenage driving.

New laws are in place to make sure that teens behind the wheel have driving education and understand the rules of the road. In Florida, a 15-year-old must obtain a learner’s permit and attend educational classes and testing. This is to make sure that there are less teen accidents on the road.

Graduated License Programs

While gradually allowing more and more responsibilities, the graduated license program’s goal is to save lives and reduce injuries related to car accidents when teenagers first begin to learn how to drive. Graduated license programs start with the learner’s permit, allows for supervised practice and then increases where and when the teenager can drive. Ultimately leading to a full driver’s license. Below is an overview about the State of Florida’s Graduated License Program:

At 15 years old:

At 16 & 17 years old:

At 18 years old there are no longer any driving restrictions.

Learning how to drive and the dangers associated with inexperience teenager drivers can be lethal. Graduated License Programs and just one way the state of Florida is trying to provide teens the tools to drive and navigate roadways safely.


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