Teenager Car Accidents

Involved in an Accident as a Teenager, or Was Another Teenager at Fault?  Call Our Attorneys Now.

Sooner or later, that teenager in the family is going to get behind the wheel of the family car or their own car and go for a drive. Parent’s often cringe at the thought of their teen behind the wheel of a car. Why? Well, parents are well aware that teens and automobiles are a dangerous combination. In fact, the leading cause of death among teens in the United States is automobile accidents.

Teens are still at that growing stage.  Teens sometimes lack good judgment when it comes to driving. Statistics show they often exhibit a blatant disregard for traffic laws clearly outlined by the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration of NHSTA. More driver education is clearly required to make sure that teens understand the laws and safe driving.

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Teen Driving Accident Causes

Teens and cars are a dangerous combination. According to statistics, these are the leading causes behind most teen driver accidents.

New Licensing Laws

New laws are in place to make sure that teens behind the wheel have driving education and understand the rules of the road. In Florida, a 15 year old must obtain a learner’s permit and attend educational classes and testing. This is to make sure that there are less teen accidents on the road.

Zimmerman & Frachtman are leading legal professionals in the community. They strongly believe that the key to reducing teen accidents is education. Certainly, an educated teen driver is a much safer and better teen driver. Contact them for more information on car accidents involving a teenager, or free legal advice during a consultation.