Risk of Fatigued Drivers

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When looking over the analysis of data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there is substantial evidence supporting that fatigued drivers are often times just as unsafe on the roads as a drug user or alcoholic is behind the wheel. Every year there is approximately 100,000 collisions that involve a motorist that is too tired to be driving.

Though it may seem to not fall into the same ilk as somebody driving under the influence, the fact remains that in the tired state our minds are just as foggy as those who abuse substances. The thinking part of the brain and the response time can drastically be affected when not enough rest has occurred. Hereby, a driver choosing to operate a motor vehicle then places not only their own lives in jeopardy but also those using our roadways.

When you or a loved was one has been injured by a fatigued driver, you should seek out an experienced car injury lawyer that can take on the case for you quickly. Here at Zimmerman & Frachtman, we have you covered and want to speak to you about your legal options.

Signs of Fatigue:

Having to drive somewhere but feeling tired puts you and others at risk even if you think you are fine. You are still operating heavy machinery. It is therefore imperative to recognize the signs and symptoms for yourself and others whom you are riding with when you are a passenger

  1. Heavy Eyelids
  2. Beginning to drift lanes, driving too close to another vehicle, and finding yourself swerving.
  3. Frequent yawning.
  4. Eyes blinking too much.
  5. Running lights or signs; missing your turns.
  6. Being on autopilot; when the last few miles are not recalled.
  7. Feeling restless.
  8. Difficulty keeping focused on driving.

Though many think that night time and the pre-dawn hours are the most unsafe for fatigued people on the road, this is not statistically the times that the data shows to be worst. Morning and early afternoon have the highest incidence of risk drivers being fatigued while they’re overcoming the grogginess of heading to and from work.

Choosing to drive in this condition and in the case of an accident, you are held liable for all damages in this case and should call us immediately to discuss the particular options we can provide you legally.