High Speed Collision Accidents

Injured During a High Speed Collision?  Our Attorneys Can Handle Your Case.

Car accidents are incredibly dangerous for all involved, and unfortunately the dangers are not limited to the accident itself. Navigating the rocky legal waters that can result from an accident can be difficult without the help of an experienced auto injury attorney.

High speed collisions are particularly dangerous for several reasons. If the speed of an accident is higher than 30 mph, the likelihood of injury or death greatly increases. This is because even the safest vehicles have trouble holding up in an impact at high speeds. Some of the most serious injuries that can result from a high speed collision have little to do with the integrity of the vehicle and far more to do with the jostling that occurs inside of the vehicle during the course of the collision. When the speeds exceed 30 mph the damage can be exponentially greater. The higher the speed of the collision, the more likely the collision is to cause serious injury to all involved parties.

Damage to the vehicle is just the beginning of the issues that can and will arise from a high speed collision. The more serious concern is, of course, physical damage to the involved parties. The common health issue that can result from a high speed collision is soft tissue damage which can include tears, bruising, and burns, but there are many more serious and often less obvious injuries to consider. Some of these less visibly apparent and yet more serious injuries are traumatic brain injury, herniated disks, bone fractures, internal organ damage, and even spinal cord problems that can result in chronic pain or paralysis. Some of these things may not even be realized in the hours or sometimes days and weeks after a collision has occurred but they will still need to be anticipated. These injuries can be debilitating and create a pattern of loss that far exceeds the immediate reach of the collision itself. A recurring health issue from a collision can even result earnings that are lost down the road.

An experienced car accident attorney will be able to steer a collision victim through the difficult legal issues that will result from an accident where damage has occurred. Regardless of who is at fault in an accident, legal representation can mean the difference between being cared for or being left out to dry once the dust from the accident has settled.