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Medical malpractice occurs when a healthcare provider violates the standard of care that a patient is owed, resulting in harm to a patient. The field of medicine has specific guidelines for how conditions should be diagnosed and treated, as well as well-developed theories of ethics that apply to any healthcare provider who has a provider-patient relationship. Healthcare providers can include medical doctors, nurses, hospitals, therapists, dentists, nursing homes, and anyone else who has a duty to treat a patient. The duties and standards of care may be confusing to many individuals who are not either in the medical field or the legal field. If you are uncertain of the circumstances, contact a medical malpractice attorney for clarification as to whether you have a case.

According to WebMD, deadly, preventable medical errors kill up to 100,000 Americans annually. As any medical malpractice lawyer can attest, there are even more cases of preventable medical errors that lead to long-term injury and even permanent disabilities. A wide range of conditions and situations that patients find themselves in due to the preventable errors or deliberate choices of medical professionals caring for them may come under the umbrella of medical malpractice; it’s important to get a second opinion if you feel truly uncomfortable with the progress of your diagnosis or treatment. If you find in the course of receiving your second opinion that there are greater problems as a result of an incorrect treatment or diagnosis, consider contacting a personal injury attorney with medical malpractice experience to see what your rights may be.

Medical malpractice claims in Florida have specific legal requirements, including pre-lawsuit requirements and strict time limits. The statutes can be found in Chapter 766 of the Florida Statutes are called “The Medical Act.” It is not well-advised that a patient attempt to learn everything about medical malpractice law on their own; an experienced medical malpractice attorney has a responsibility to keep up-to-date on changes to the law.


Our firm helps people who have suffered from such tragedies such as:

Medical Malpractice Attorney – Defending the injured

Our experienced medical malpractice lawyers understand the complex and evolving Florida medical malpractice law. We also retain nationally renowned experts in fields of medicine. We will help you get compensation for your pain and suffering; compensation for medical bills; help you find medical treatment; help you recover lost, present, and future job income; and help you deal with the insurance company. We can also file a wrongful death claim if someone you love was killed in an accident due to medical negligence. It is important to use all of the resources that are available to you to pursue your claim if you are a victim; consider that the insurance company keeps lawyers on retainer specifically for the purposes of defending itself against claims, whether frivolous or rightful. Shouldn’t you take a similar precaution when you’re pursuing your own claim?

While every case is different, and there is no way to guarantee an outcome, it’s a good idea to know the success rate of any medical malpractice attorney you decide to work with. We’ve had several notable successes in the field of medical malpractice claims, including a victory earlier this year for a client who received additional damages on appeal for failure to diagnose breast cancer. Our client, Estrella Estrada, received a routine mammogram in 2007; the radiologist failed to report microcalcifications that are indicative of early-stage breast cancer, and by 2010, Estrada had developed stage-three breast cancer, requiring extensive treatments. Because of the fact that Ms. Estrada’s condition could recur—and if it did, would prove fatal—an appeals court awarded more than the original damage award of $1,000,000 after considerable hard work by our medical malpractice attorneys. Another notable case that we have worked on came to a settlement of $750,000 before trial after the plaintiff we worked with overdosed tragically on a toxic combination of prescription medication and alcohol. The suit was against the pharmacy responsible for continuing to fill prescriptions without appropriate monitoring.

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