Traffic accidents have been one of the biggest problems in our society for a long time – before we know it, it’ll be easily over a century. Car accidents are still the leading cause of death for everyone between the ages of 5 and 34. It is something that has forced the government years and years ago to act and put into place laws, including that required that vehicles be made with seat belts. While it has been shown that the seatbelts have helped to save many lives, they can also cause problems by themselves in some situations. This is why many auto accident lawyers are making sure that they are fully trained on how to represent those who have had injuries caused by the seatbelts that they were wearing.

It is believed that there are some 80% of adults who wear their seat belts like they are supposed to. This is a good thing for traffic safety, but demonstrates the number of people that still are affected by the adverse effects of the seatbelt itself causing injury.

There are some vehicle creators which are trying to keep costs as low as possible. It is something that may help to keep the costs low, but it also can cause unsafe seat belts to be installed in vehicles, and these are what so often cause the injuries. Cars are simply being equipped with sub-standard seatbelts in some instances, and they are getting hurt as a result. The automobile manufacturers have to face some responsibility for their actions in this matter, and that is where helpful attorneys can step in. The attorneys ensure that their clients are represented fairly.

The courts have recognized and understood the need for seat belts to be worn, but also the dangers that they can pose in some rarer instances. They have awarded some plaintiffs large sums of money for their pain and suffering as well as the medical costs and lost wages that they likely incurred while they were out of work. Our attorneys are completely aware of situations where a driver may be injured by the very equipment present intended to protect them, such as airbags and seatbelts.  Drivers still have rights after enduring these kinds of injuries, so call an attorney to learn more about what we’ll be able to do for you.