Every 96 minutes, a pedestrian is killed as a result of an accident caused by traffic. This means that in the span of a year, traffic accidents account for over 5,000 deaths. It’s because of this that it’s important for pedestrians to be careful, and to know what their rights are when walking on the road. It’s important to know the rules of the road pertaining to them, and what to do in case of an emergency. Here are some tips to help people learn how to avoid any potential dangers so that they don’t become an addition to the above statistic.

What Are The Rights of Pedestrians Traveling Near Roadways?

If a pedestrian finds themselves in the same half of the road as an oncoming vehicle, they are given the right-of-way and cars must yield to them. This is also the case if a pedestrian is approaching closely enough from the opposite side of the roadway in a way that might present a threat to their safety. If there is a traffic control method in place (usually a “Don’t Walk”/”Walk” sign at a crosswalk), then pedestrians are only allowed to cross between two intersections via a marked crosswalk. They can also only cross diagonally on an intersection if they are authorized to do so by traffic control devices.

What Are Some Things Pedestrians Should Avoid To Stay Safe?

One important thing pedestrians should do is avoid walking onto a crosswalk when there are vehicles coming from either direction in a close proximity. Pedestrians should also yield to the vehicles’ right-of-way if they choose to cross an intersection outside of a marked or unmarked crosswalk. It is because of this that it’s important for pedestrians to pay attention to their surroundings at all times in order to make sure there aren’t any potential threats when crossing the road.

What Should A Pedestrian Do If They’re Hit By A Car?

In the event that a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle, it is imperative that they seek immediate medical attention for their injuries. Once this is taken care of, their next step is to call the authorities. After doing this, victims should fill out an accident report. It is important to document everything about the case to the best of their ability. Afterwards, they should contact a personal injury attorney to see how they can be of assistance.

What Is The Cost Of Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney?

It depends on which firm the person goes to. However, this firm operates on a contingency fee basis, meaning the client is only charge for receiving services if they are able to receive compensation. This means that they don’t pay unless they are able to win their case or settlement.

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