Attorneys Representing Those Involved in Accidents on the I-95 in Florida

Consequences from accidents on 1-95 tend to be more serious than many other roads and highways around Florida. Traumatic injuries in this case, whether it is originating from a passenger vehicle, truck, or motor bikes are hard to avoid. At Zimmerman & Frachtman, a professional team of personal injury and wrongful death lawyers will handle all cases of Florida I-95 accidents as well as other accidents occurring in interstates and highways around the area.

The key to resolve all your accidental issues is to contact Zimmerman & Frachtman and schedule a free consultation with a lawyer experienced and skilled in this field.

Accidents on I-95 Involving Car, Truck, and Motorcycle

Tourists, local residents, truckers and people from all walks of life constitute motorists traveling on I-95 and their volume is high on a typical day. The team of auto accident lawyers at our law firm will represent victims and their families involved in head-on collisions, and other lawsuit matters such as:

  • Accident caused by highway debris
  • Accident as a result of lack of protective barriers in the median resulting in speeding vehicles
  • Accident caused by tire blowouts from other vehicles
  • Accident caused by improperly secured loads
  • Accidents as a result of piled up vehicles due to storm, snow or other natural disasters
  • Rollovers, read-end collisions, and jackknife accidents.

Help from Injury Lawyers

With more than two decades of experience handling vehicle accidents, lawyers at Zimmerman & Frachtman will carefully analyze the case and create a plans aimed at resolving the legal or medical issues involved in their client’s case. Their knowledge and expertise in criminal cases give them the ability to understand the client’s state of being and needs as well as what the client is going through in times of injuries such as broken bones, fractures or disabling trauma. These lawyers’ work has been recognized through many awards but their satisfaction comes from assisting their clients and helping them navigate their difficult times with smart counsel and advocacy.